Give the gift of a Pension

With 25% government top-ups and compounding returns, a pension is the gift that keeps on giving.

Get someone you love started on the road to a happy retirement.

How it works

You provide your details for you and the recipient of your gift.  It takes just 5 minutes to set up online, and you can deposit as little as £10


We'll post a special gift pack (either to you or direct to the recipient), with instructions for opening their new Penfold pension.


The recipient sets up their pension online, and claims your deposit. They can add their own money, or just watch your contribution grow over time.


Penfold is an FSCS protected pension scheme that lets you set up a pension for someone else. It's particularly relevant for the self-employed.

It takes just 5 minutes for you to setup online, with as little as £10. The person you set it up for receives a welcome gift pack in the post.

It's totally flexible, and the recipient doesn't need to add money unless they want to.

For every £10 deposited, the government adds £2.50. So a £100 gift is automatically worth £125.

Why gift a pension?



Penfold is great, whatever type of work you do. 

If you're self-employed, it's designed to be as flexible as you. Once you start saving, you can top up, change, or pause your payments at any time — instantly and online.

I've often been self-employed and without an employer pension.

I thought it would be a hassle, but Penfold made it super easy to set up online in a few minutes.

Alex Heaton

Penfold is the perfect tool to empower the self-employed.

Not only is it easy to set up and flexible to use, but it visualizes your investments, so you can track your progress.

Ryan Wylie

I highly recommend Penfold.

If you're self-employed, they have made it so easy to set up your own pension, without a ton of bureaucracy and paperwork and in a way that is easy for anyone to understand!

Esh Amram

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Penfold makes saving for a pension easy, and everything is done online.

It’s easy to decide how much to save using our pension calculator, and it can help you get a better picture of your future finances.

25% savings


The government adds a 25% bonus to everything you save into a pension.

That’s guaranteed cashback on what you save and we organise it for you, adding it directly to your pension.

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If you have other pension pots, we can track them down for you.

Consolidating your pension with Penfold is easy, free of charge, and our friendly customer service will manage it on your behalf.



We are partnered with BlackRock, the largest asset manager in the world.

They handle your investments for you based on the growth profile you choose. Learn more about investing.


We take the safety of your pension very seriously.

Penfold is FCA regulated, and Penfold pensions are FSCS-protected.

Clear & simple pricing

We charge a single fee of 0.75% which includes all our partner fund management and admin fees.

So if you had a £1,000 pot, your annual fee would be £7.50. No hidden charges, no bad surprises.


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Give the gift of a pension

With pensions, as with all investments your capital is at risk.

The value of what you put in may go up as well as down.